Monday, September 29, 2008

Around the Traps

Stuff I've missed of late:

Bob Yarbrough is interviewed by CT about his 1-3 John commentary.

Catholic stuff: On RNS Vatican to reconsider role of Scripture in Catholic Life and Taro Aso is Japan's first Catholic Prime Minister.

Phil Harland is podcasting a series on diversity in early Christianity.

Michael Gorman writes on de-privatising Paul.

If the yanks want a new President, I suggest we give them a loan of Aussie PM Kevin Rudd. Here we have national leader who has actually written an intelligent essay on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and modern politics and religion. The same guy gave a lecture in Beijing in fluent Putonghua (so not only can be find China on a map, he speaks a foreign language!). If only American Presidential candidates were that talented. If, however, being born in the US is a key criterion, then I suggest we offer them Mel Gibson with Joe Lieberman as running mate (Gibson can win the Catholics and California while Lieberman will bring over the Jewish vote and independents). Make Mike Huckabee secretary of state and the whole thing is a slam dunk: the Gibson-Lieberman-Huckabee ticket is the way to go!


Marty said...

Hey Mike! So glad to see that you're back on your feet.

Judy Redman said...

I'd rather we keep Rudd here, thanks. We might be willing to lend him next time the US are looking for a president, but just at the moment he has waaaaaay too much to do fixing the mess left by our garden gnome.