Sunday, September 07, 2008

James Crossley vs. William Lane Craig

My good friend and nemesis James Crossley comes up against Bill Craig in this debate on the bodily resurrection of Jesus.


mhelfield said...

Excellent post. I think Prof. Lane Craig has missed the mark when it comes to assessing evidence. How can the genre of biography, which is enormously complex, preclude creative invention (stories)? However, Lane Craig is not an historian, and this shows.

Jim said...

old news dude- the debate was held in 2007 and has been available on dvd for nearly a year.

Ranger said...

Good debate! I'm not as current on things as the great Jim West, so this "old news" was new to me. I thought both had very strong arguments and that the debate wasn't clearly "won" by either party.

I love how Dr. Crossley was so mellow. I think this really helped him come across as being as intelligent as we all know he is. He was all about substance and made a good case. This debate makes me truly excited about the forthcoming book debate between the two of you. I'm also really looking forward to the responses with you saying that Scot's response is worth the price of the book and steph saying elsewhere that Dr. Casey's response is worth the price of the book. It should be a great read.

I also loved the fact that Dr. Craig was so well spoken. Since he's a professional apologist I think many automatically diminish their respect for his scholarship. As this debate shows, he's clearly very informed and a fine scholar who is a very sharp guy (that combination usually makes for a good debater).

Brian said...

Full MP3 Audio of the debate between Craig and Crossley can be found at