Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mike Will Live to Write Another Day

Stop the Festschrifts. Cancel the Eulogies. The reports of Michael F. Bird's death were greatly exaggerated. 

I chatted with Mike today by phone and he was feeling better. What's more his Australian sense of humor was not encumbered by his illness. He is hoping that his better day today is a sign that he is moving to recovery. 

Mike we'll keep praying for you. 


hrobins said...

Joel--thanks for the update.
Mike--our prayers are with you and your family. I'm glad you had a better day.

Alison B said...

Shame really. If Michael's sense of humour was effected by the illness it may have improved!

Thanks for the update.

Mike, we're all glad to hear of your improvement but we're also praying that you don't be generous by sharing your bug with the rest of the family.

Many Blessings,
Duncan, Alison, Evie and Ella

Michael Barber said...


Thanks, this is great news. We have been and will continue to pray for Mike and his family.

Tell him to get well soon. James Crossley simply can't just be left up to his own devices! :)

Michael Pahl said...

That's euangelion! Take it easy, Mike. You're in my prayers.

J. B. Hood said...

Thanks Joel.

Mike, we'll keep praying.

BTW the festschrift was temporarily titled

"A Red-Head Bloomed in Dingwall: Heterosexual Readings of Early Christian Writings in Memory of Michael F. Bird, RIP." Crossley had agreed to write a chapter entitled "Why Q is not Queer". Kloppenborg signed on for, "But Q2 was Queer". Jamie Grant agreed to write "The Testament Where God Shows up in Person: One Hundred Theses on Why the New is Better than the Old". Andrew McGowan is ruminating on the proposed title, "Baptist is Best".