Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pontius Pilate: Nazi from the Blue Oyster Bar

Before my ministry in biblical studies and before my time as a paratrooper/military intelligence operator, I was a budding lyricist who wanted to write musicals for the Westend and Broadway. So I've always loved musical threatre, esp. that with religious significance. I've always said that Jesus Christ Superstar is Rudolf Bultmann set to music! Any ways, I've seen numerous productions of JCS and the most "interesting" portrayal of Pontius Pilate comes from the 2000 TV version. Here Pilate looks like a Neo-Nazi from a gay bar (i.e. the blue oyster bar - James Crossley told me about it). Speaking of James, I might even think of proposing a paper on JCS and Bultmann to the international SBL section on "Bible and Music" which he co-chairs.


Adamgv said...

Really great blog!

Please review our website at your earliest convenience. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Vohrer
Vice President

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG)

James Crossley said...

While I can't provide anything as heartfelt as Adamgv, I'm curious about you being into musicals AND homosexuality...


Anyway, music and the Bible is very good fun and a very good way of getting away from the bear pit of conventional NT studies.

James Crossley,
vice chair