Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Potential Ph.D Topics

If I were again a young and budding Ph.D student looking for a topic, several that interest me at the moment are:

1. The Democratization of the Messiah Concept in the Ruling People of God: Daniel to Revelation.

2. The "Body" in Colossians and Ephesians.

3. The Influence of Galatians in post-Pauline Christianity: Hebrews, Acts, and Ignatius.

4. In Search of Christian Anthropology: Scripture, Science, Psychology, and Philosophy.

5. Son of Man, Messiah, and Servant: The Imagery of Deliverer Figures in 1 Enoch.

6. Paul and Millennial Hopes

7. Paul and the Parting of the Ways

8. The Historical Jesus and the Philosophy of History


Ben Myers said...

I'd especially love to see a thesis on #8. There's some good historical work on this — e.g., the interconnections between philosophies of history and histories of Jesus in 18th-century German thought.

#4 also sounds interesting, although it might have to be a 12-volume work...

Daniel Kirk said...

What about "Michael Bird: Conservationist or Innovator?"

And, "Michael Bird and the Impact of Academic Blogging on Popular Religious Culture"?

dopderbeck said...

I'd love to do / see more on #4 -- from my perspective this is a pressing issue for evangelical theology in today's world, in light of developments in evolutionary biology and psychology. What would be your take in a nutshell?

Naomi said...

I would not have the foggiest idea where to begin, although Joel Green and Karl Popper would be a good place to start.

J. B. Hood said...

To Daniel's comment I add,

"Flipping the Bird: Contesting Michael Bird's Creative Conservatism"

"Marginalizing the Sons of Edom? Justice in the Academy for Red-heads"

"Hot-heads: A Red-headed Reading of Wrath and Judgment in the NT"

"Brown out: a red-head responds to brunette and blonde hegemony in NT Studies"

Daniel Kirk said...

JB: Thanks for backing my play. Now we're getting somewhere!

dopderbeck said...

Karl Popper?

mbrankatelli said...

Joel, I wanted to know which Epistles of Ignatius for #3 did you have in mind? Long Greek, Short Greek, Syriac, or what?