Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Commentary Series

Scot McKnight notes the launch of a new commentary series by Zondervan called Regula Fidei. Scot is the senior editor with Lynn Cohick (Wheaton), Joel Willitts (North Park Uni), and me (Bible College of Queensland) as the associate editors. The best way to describe what the series will be like is a cross between the NIVAC series and Scot's book the Blue Parakeet. Its distinctive features include orienting the text to the "Big Story" of Scripture and dedicating 50% of the commentary to how we "live the story". I'm slated to do Romans (whoa, I know!), Joel is doing Galatians, Lynn is doing Philippians, and Scot is doing a volume on the Sermon on the Mount. I'd love to say more of who we have but committments are not on paper just yet. But there are lots of young and up and coming scholars from the USA and Australia nominated for the roles (Brits need not apply!). There's a cohort of Aussies involved including John Dickson (Centre for Public Christianity) and probably one other chap from the antipodes.

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Why no Brits?