Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paul Helm on J.I. Packer

Bucking the fashionable trend in some circles to denigrate J.I. Packer as too broad a churchman, Paul Helm has written a piece that gives a sympathetic non-conformist perspective on J.I. Packer.


Doug Chaplin said...

Yikes. I've never seen the word "Packer" and "broad" in the same sentence before. Oh, wait, no, I have – in the same paragraph as "hell" and "frozen".

jim Gordon said...

Like Doug,I have no idea why Evangelicals of any persuasion can justify denigrating an elder statesman of the tradition. I don't share many of his views, but if other Evangelicals feel the need to do him down, the remembered saying of John the Baptist comestomind, something about latchets,shoes and unworthiness. Evangelical is not synonymous with narrow, and broad isn't always a bad thing. Height, depth,length and breadth - aye, the love of God is broad - despite our best attempts to invent parameters.