Thursday, April 28, 2011

Papers in San Francisco

For those interested, I've got a few fun gigs lined up at SBL and ETS in San Francisco.

SBL: I've got a spot to discuss Darrell Bock and Robert Webb, Key Events in the Life of Jesus and Beverly Gaventa and Richard Hays, Seeking the Identity of Jesus at the Theological Hermeneutics of Christian Scripture group.

ETS: "Raging against the Roman Empire with Romans: The Value of Anti-Imperial Readings of Romans" at the Pauline Studies Session.


simon said...

Are there any plans to publish your paper on Romans - sounds exactly the kind of thing I need for my Romans course assuming that it's your usual accessible and insightful writing

Michael F. Bird said...

Let me write it first and we'll see!

Michael Barber said...

Sounds good. I'll definitely try to make it. Your response to Wright last year was probably the highlight of last year's trip.

I'll be presenting in the Matthew section, as I explained here:

mochajava said...


I am new to readings of Empire and Christianity. I picked up "Paul Unbound" by Given, and Warren Carter cites Horsley a lot. Is Horsley a good place to start for Christianity and Politics? Is there a good Intro from a conservative POV?


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