Saturday, July 29, 2006

Leon Morris passes away

Sadly, Leon Morris passed away on Monday at the age of 92. Leon is probably one of the greatest evangelical scholars ever to come out of Australia. His work on the atonement in the New Testament (esp. in combat with Dodd) in without peer, while his commentaries on Matthew, Luke, John, Romans, Revelation, 1-2 Thessalonians, studies on Johannine theology and also NT Theology made a visible contribution to NT scholarship and preaching of the Word through-out the world. May he enjoy eternity doing what he would probably want to do most of all: kneel before the throne of the Lamb of God.

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Joshua Schow said...

I would love to have listened in on your conversation with Mark S. or Richard Bu. Hopefully you will comment on them sometime in the future. I've Enjoyed your posts these past 6 months - i'm new to the blogshere. I'm also awaiting your new book in 2007, if only to skim through it on Amazon.