Monday, July 17, 2006

Romans Commentaries 1532-1542

I am grateful to Gerald Bray who not only alerted me to the existence of T.H.L. Parker's book Commentaries on Romans 1532-1542, but even sent me a copy he found on sale!

During this period no fewer than 35 commentaries were published! Parker surveys 11 of them including:


Cardinal Caietan
Gagney of Paris
Cardinal Marino Grimani
Guilliaud of Paris and Autun
Haresche of Paris
Cardinal Sadoleto


Martin Bucer
H. Bullinger
Pellican of Zurich
John Calvin
Philip Melanchthon

Parker looks at three key passages: Rom. 1.18-23; 2.13-16, and 3.20-28.

Riveting stuff, esp. what different guys have to say on 2.13-16!

I particularly found interesting the notes on Martin Bucer who has always intrigued me. Martin Bucer appears (I think) to have understood Rom. 2.13-16 to be refering to Christians since only those who are devoted to the Law can actually do the law. The works of the law which justify are Christ's works operating in us through faith [This reminds me of Seifrid in many ways]. Bucer also takes the "works of the law" in 3.20 to be "ceremonies", but it is used as a synecdoche and stands for the whole law. Many of the Reformers, esp. Calvin, repudiated the idea that the works of the law denotes the ceremonial law.

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Jim said...

Bird on Bucer.... I never thought I would live to see it. "Lord, let now thy servant depart in peace for I have seen... etc"