Monday, July 24, 2006

Off to SNTS

Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to attend the prestigious Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas being held at Aberdeen this year. I was lucky enough to get an invitation from my Doktorvater Rick Strelan. The seminar list looks quite interesting:

Catholic Epistles and Apostolic Traditions (Katholische Briefe und Aposteltraditionen) (Profs E. Baasland, K.W. Niebuhr and R. Wall).

Colossians (Profs P. Müller and W. Popkes).

The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament: Language, Culture, Ideas (Docent Dr. L. Rydbeck and Prof. S. E. Porter).

The Greek of the New Testament (Profs C. C. Caragounis and J. W. Voelz).
Inhalte und Probleme einer neutestamentlichen Theologie (Profs U. Schnelle and M. Seifrid).

The Johannine Writings (Prof. Dr R. Bieringer and Prof. C. R. Koester).

The LXX and the NT (Profs W. Kraus and W. R. G. Loader).

The Mission of the Church: Exegesis and Hermeneutics (Profs H. Kvalbein, T. Okure and D. Patte).

New Challenges for New Testament Hermeneutics in the 21st century (Profs. B. McLean & O. Wischmeyer).

The New Testament in History and Culture (Profs R. Fowler, W. Kelber and B. Olsson).

The New Testament, Oral Culture and Bible Translation (Drs P. H. Towner and G. L. Yorke; advisory co-chair Prof. J. D. G. Dunn).

Paul and Rhetoric (Profs P. Lampe and J. P. Sampley).

The Pseudepigrapha and Christian Origins (Profs J. H. Charlesworth and G. S. Oegema).

The Reception of Paul (Profs D. Marguerat and D. Moessner)

Shaping Traditions about Jesus (Profs I. Gruenwald and P. Pokorny).

Textual Criticism (Profs H-G. Bethge and J.K. Elliott).
I'm not a 100% on which seminars I'll be attending, but something like Colossians, the LXX and the NT, and Shaping Jesus Traditions sounds good to me.


Ian Hugh Clary said...

If you take in Stan Porter's lecture, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Groseys messages said...

G'day from Australia Mike.
I was the founding pastor of Wattle grove baptist church when you were a young soldier.
I gave you the booklet on how to become a christian.
What do you stand for these days?