Friday, October 28, 2005

Latest issue of BBR

The lastest issue of Bulletin for Biblical Research is out and includes the following articles:

Michael F. Bird, “The Purpose and Preservation of the Jesus Tradition: Moderate Evidence for a Conserving Force in its Transmission.”

Steven M. Bryan, "The Eschatological Temple in John 14."

David M. Hoffeditz and Gary E. Yates, "Femme Fatale Redux: Intertextual Connection to the Elijah/Jezebel Narratives in Mark 6:14-29."

Brent Kinman, "Jesus' Royal Entry into Jerusalem."

Gerald A. Klingbeil, "Cultural Criticism and Biblical Hermeneutics: Definitions, Origins, Benefits, and Challenges."

Jacob Neusner, "The Kingdom of Heaven in Kindred Systems, Judaic and Christian."

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