Friday, October 14, 2005

Things to Come in Bloggerdom?

Here is the Top Ten Things I’d like to see happen in Biblio-Blogdom in 2006 (but probably won’t)

10. Sean the Baptist to change his first name to John
9. Sean du Toit to come to Scotland to do a Ph.D
8. Michael Pahl to send me a bag of Tim Horton’s donuts
7. Brandon Wason to start a website called ‘X-Box anonymous’
6. The Sheffield War to go nuclear
5. Scot McKnight to renounce baseball and to embrace the gospel of cricket
4. Ben Myers to make his own recording of Dylan songs
3. Jim West to claim to be a living reincarnation of Zwingli
2. James Crossley to blog on “Why I decided to become an evangelical”
1. Mark Goodacre to blog on “Kloppenborg is right! 10 reasons why I believe in Q”.

Sorry, it's Friday afternoon, lectures are done for the week, I was in one of my whimsical moods!!!

I hope none are offended, but all are amused!


Michael Pahl said...

Mike, if I had a bag of Tim Horton's donuts I would be eating them all myself! You had to bring up the painful fact that I'm exiled to England, missing Timmy's coffee and Timbits, missing NHL hockey, missing Canadian Thanksgiving, missing... ;-)

Jim said...
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J. B. Hood said...

My personal number one?

Michael Bird publishes an article entitled, "the significant football in the new heavens and new earth: or, how I decided to stop worrying and love the footie," shortly before he attends the world cup next summer in the land of his birth.

Jim said...

I would, if I were! And I wish I were, but I'm not. Maybe I'm Luther and this admiration of Zwingli is my penance.

Stephen C. Carlson said...

If Mark Goodacre would ever do that, I'm sure the last reason would be: "We are talking about James Bond, right?"

Mike Todd said...

They come in boxes, boys... boxes!

Ben Myers said...

Another few that you forgot to include in your list, Mike:

11. Jim West's blog keeps the same template for a full 24 hours.
12. Blogger changes its URL from "" to "".
13. Mike Bird writes a series of posts entitled "The Jesus of history or the Christ of faith? How Rudolf Bultmann changed my mind."

Michael Pahl said...

Mike, of course you're right: boxes, not bags, contain multiples of Tim Horton's donuts. It never works when they try to put more than one in one of those little bags--the maple icing sticks to the strawberry-filled, and then your whole day is ruined...

Jim said...

A full 24 hours? I am really not sure. But, hold on to your hat.... I'm leaving for Copenhagen (for a symposium I am speaking at) on Thursday the 20th and I seriously doubt I will be able to change the template (though I will of course blog as I have opportunity). So, it seems your wish will be fulfilled Ben! But not till then.... ;-)

Sean Winter said...


Sean is, of course, Irish for John - so no. 10 already granted!

James Crossley said...

Seeing my future conversion made my day, no mistake! Very good.