Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wikipedia and Theopedia

The on-line "pedias" are a fairly helpful tools that I have discovered of late. They are written, obviously, by people who actually know something about their field.

The Theopedia: An Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity has an interesting article on the New Perspective on Paul. Although clearly biased against the NPP, it contains a concise summary of the debate with some good links to other websites.

The Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia (sounds notoriously NZish) is another good resource, especially for students looking for a general overview of a topic. From the Wikipedia I did a few random searches and here are the results:

Karl Barth

Synoptic Problem

Helmut Koester

Paul of Tarsus

Imperial Cult

When I initially tried to search “Parting of the Ways” I was taken to an article on an episode from the British Sci-Fi series Dr. Who! When I looked up Jewish Christianity I found a link to Christianity and anti-Semitism which was were I want to go. Actually, the article on anti-semitism was quite a good read.

These are tools I shall recommend to students, although one should teach students to be discerning about anything that they read on the net! I'm sure many of you can sense the irony to that!


TheBlueRaja said...


You should look up Soylent Green. Reading the article is easier than watching the movie.

olympiada said...

Thanks for this link to Theopedia. I did not even know it existed.