Monday, December 05, 2005

Angelic Tardiness

I try to vary my reading between secondary and primary source material. I've finished reading Thomas Tobin's book on Romans, but before I start Larry Hurtado's The Lord Jesus Christ, I'm gonna read over 1 Enoch again. Today, I found one very interesting quote from 1 Enoch 18.14-16:

(Then) the angel said (to me), "This place is the (ultimate) end of heaven and earth: it is the prison house for the stars and the powers of heaven. And the stars which roll over upon the fire, they are the ones which have transgressed the commandments of God from the beginning of their rising because they did not arrive punctually. And he was wroth with them and bound them until the time of the completion of their sin in the year of mystery." (Isaac, OTP, 1.23)

In the Army we used to have to do push-ups if we were late for anything, or in worse cases, we'd get charged with absence from a place of duty (ask an ex-Military Policeman like Jim West, he'll know all about it). But I have to say that the Angels got the worse end of the deal.


Chris Tilling said...
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Chris Tilling said...

Hurtado's Lord Jesus Christ is the key book for my thesis. I'm critiquing and building on his argument in relation to Paul. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it when you're done.