Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Annual F.F. Bruce Lecture

At HTC the annual F.F. Bruce lecture was given this year by Dr. David Wenham of Oxford University. The lecture was entitled: "The Greatest Sermon ever Preached" and expectantly was about the Sermon on the Mount. David's lecture was basically in two parts, first, arguing for the essential authenticity of the Sermon. Secondly, addressing the view that the Sermon is at odds with Paul's view of justification and grace. Thereafter, David gave a good exposition of its major themes and motifs and it was an enjoyable lecture to attend.

The highlight was David's opening story about F.F. Bruce. David spent time with Bruce at Manchester and David told the story of how Bruce claimed that as a Scot he could understand the plight of the Jewish people who were oppressed by a foreign power!

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Doug Wilson said...

Michael: Wenham's address sounds intriguing. Is is available as mp3 for downloading?