Thursday, December 08, 2005

General Stuff going on around the biblioblogosphere

First, Mark Goodacre is the Blog of the Month at Biblioblogs. A good interview with a guy who may be remembered as the Jedi Knight of NT bloggers.

Second, Ben Myers is finishing his summary Karl Barth which has been a good read.

Third, the femo-bibliologgers have added another feather to their quiver in Powers Court who links to a stack of other female bibliobloggers such as the Magadalene Review and especially Rebecca Writes who sidebar has a “league of reformed bloggers” that is so huge that it must be seen to be believed!!!

Fourth, speaking of gals, there is an interesting article by F.F. Bruce on women in ministry available here

Otherwise, I’m off to read Jim Hamilton’s latest article in Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology “God with Men in the Prophets and the Writings: An Examination of the Nature of God’s Presence”.

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