Monday, December 19, 2005

Megiddo Prison website

The ancient Church found at Megiddo prison now has its own website at Armageddon Church. It contains a resource of news and information about the find and its significance. The mission statement of the website reads:

Our mission is to promote Holyland's most ancient Church, recently discovered in Megiddo prision. Armageddon is intended to address the general public, offering a wide range of articles and interviews. We hope you will enjoy the history, the symbolism, the meaning, and lighter sides of this amazing discovery.

We will not focus on the Archaeological aspect (for the Archaeological aspect please visit the Israel Antiquitoes Authority-IAA).

We believe that the ancient Church belongs to no one and to everyone. So, if if you have an idea, a thought or an article you wish to share, we will be happy to publish it on our site.

Should be a site to watch in the future.

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