Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Interview

I have been featured in an interview over at the blog Exiled Preacher.


Nick Steffen said...


What is that common line of thought that runs through Wright, Zwingli, and Bucer?

Michael F. Bird said...

Nick, see the appendix in SROG on N.T. Wright and Reformed Orthodoxy.

Ross said...

Hi Michael

I am glad you are enjoying Scotland. I was in Banchory, Kincardineshire, before coming here to Hong Kong. Your comment in the interview about HK was very interesting. There are challenges indeed!

If you ever pass through this city, let me know and come and preach. However, you will have to enter an Anglican Church and our sermons are a bit shorter than those I preached when I was invited to Baptist churches.

Oh, and we do sometimes honour the Mother of our Lord for the good job she did!

Moving on, in proper Baptist tradition, 3 points:

1. The English will beat you at cricket - eventually.

2. Why doesn't VanL ever mention Tom Wright (as you do)?

3. Thanks for the blog, it's great!

Michael F. Bird said...

Thanks. I wish you every blessing for you ministry in HK.