Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Breeding Books

If you were take I. Howard Marshall's book on New Testament Theology and Alexander Wedderburn's book The First Christians, and you forced them to breed and produce progeny, what would the result be? In other words, how do you combine New Testament Theology and Christian Origins? This is what I intend working on in the near future (commentaries on 1 Esdras and Colossians to be written first). Does Christian Origins have to be untheological and does New Testament Theology have to be less historical? How would such an approach answer the problem of unity and diversity in the New Testament and how does it meet the challenge to New Testament Theology posed by W. Wrede, H. Raisanen, and W. Bauer? What is the pastoral and theological mileage that comes out of this.?

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Rob said...

This looks exciting. I read Marshall's "New Testament Theology" and I think adding Christian origins to it would've made it, well, more exciting to read about?