Saturday, June 02, 2007

Peter Kirby becomes a Christian

Some of you might know Peter Kirby from places such as the Early Christian Writings website (an excellent resource). Kirby also has a blog called The Darkling Thrush. He has written a post entitled: How I became a Christian which is the story of his conversion from atheism to Christianity. It is a riveting read at a spiritual, psychological, scientific, and religious level. I don't know what kind of "Christianity" he has converted too, but I recommend the post. As one who has made the journey from atheist to Christian myself, I for one enjoyed his story.


Chris Weimer said...

It's certainly not mainstream Christianity - talking to my old friend, ultimately, I'll let him speak for himself, but he's not exactly what most people think of when they hear the word "Christian". You may be in for a surprise.

an old friend

Geoff Hudson said...

Old! Well yes he seems to have been in full-time education for an awful long time. I wonder what he looks like now? It's a long time since his baby-face image appeared on Mark Goodacre's weblog? He must by now be sporting a traditonal goatee on a nerdy podgy face. How is it that Americans can afford to stay in education forever? May be Kirby is has become a prophet, or an anointed one, like the original 'Christians'. That means he's turned Jew doesn't it? Surely he can't now believe in the historical Jesus. Who is Peter Kirby?

Geoff Hudson said...

How I became a Christian?

Believe that and you'll believe anything. It's all wet, wet, wet! Someone, somewhere is having you on. It's like the fictitious conversion of the fictitious Saul of Tarsus.

Peter Kirby said...

This information is roughly accurate but, at this point, obsolete.