Monday, December 03, 2007

Evangelicals and Israel

Over CT there is an interesting article on Evangelical responses to the Israel-Palestinian crises. While I favour Gary Burge and co., Darrell Bock does in fact give a good progressive dispensationalist response to the problem that I hope convinces a lot of the ultra-dispensationalists.


Eric Rowe said...

The variety of positions on the modern state of Israel among dispensationalists has nothing to do with whether or not one belongs to the "progressive dispensational" camp. There are plenty of progressive dispensationalists (and for that matter non-dispensationalists) who are ardent zionists. And there are plenty of classical, or, as you say "ultra" dispensationalists who agree with Bock's sentiment that it isn't clear from Scripture just how the current state of Israel fits into God's prophetic plan. I attended a seminary that is a standard bearer for the classical dispensational position, where the faculty have strongly opposed Dallas' move to progressive dispensationalism. And, while all of them do believe that there will be such things as a rebuilt temple in the tribulation, and another in the millennium, and that Christ will then reign in the land of Israel, where the descendants of Jacob will enjoy all the blessings promised them, most of these professors do not believe that places any obligation on us to grant the current state of Israel a special dispensation (pardon the pun) when it comes to our nations international affairs.

Michael F. Bird said...

I never equated "ultra" with "classical". I actually know the difference between the classical, revisionist, and progressive dispies! What I had in mind was the Hagee crowd.

Eric Rowe said...

OK. I don't even know if Hagee's really a dispensationalist. I thought he was more of a two-covenant theology guy. But I don't give him enough time to figure it out.