Friday, December 21, 2007

Plans for the Holidays

Well, I've finished my final lecture for 2007, time for the Christmas break. The plan is:
1. Spend lots of time with the family, open lots of presents, eat lots of turkey, roast potatoes, coca-cola, and potato chips.
2. Spend one hour a day reading through Bob Jewett's Romans commentary.
3. Finish writing on the messianic interpretation of the Son of Man for my Jesus-as-Messiah book.
4. Write a short 50 word article on "Paphos" for the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary and dream about summer holidays in Cyprus.
5. Do not do any marking of essays or exams whatsoever!
6. Preach Christmas sermon at Dingwall Baptist Church carols by candlelight service.

1 comment:

hrobins said...

Sounds like "lots of" fun! Merry Christmas, Mike.