Monday, December 24, 2007

New Blogs 20

A couple of other notable blogs that I have to mention are:
Gervatoshav by Dave Miller which has been having a cracking good discussion on the meaning of Ioudaismos in antiquity. I recently had Chris Stanley over at my house and we had an excellent discussion on this subject as well. While I think that "Judean" is a good default translation in terms of tying the word to ethnicity, I do think that it could also be used in a more general religious sense and can be translated rightly as "Jew" at times.
In Light of the Gospel is a blog by James Grant that covers elements of interest to evangelicalism.
Another blog I've been meaning to point out for a long time is The Westminster Bookstore Blog.

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James said...

Thanks for the plug Michael. I have been away during Christmas and just recently noticed it. By the way, Andy McGowan is a friend and preached at my church last year when he was in Memphis, TN. If you are ever over here with him, do let me know.

Lord bless...James Grant