Friday, December 21, 2007

The Face Book World

I am proud to announce that today I entered the world of Face Book by creating a profile. What is amazing is that in just a day I have gained a bunch of friends. In fact it was incredible to watch throughout the day as I gained new friends almost hourly. This is certainly something to do if you are feeling down about yourself. Open a Face Book profile and watch the friends multiply.

On a serious note, it was good to connect with some people in various parts of the globe as they saw me on Face Book. One particular friend is James Palmer a true Cambridge-trained Englishman who is now teaching in at a seminary in Chile. Well done James!


hrobins said...


Michael F. Bird said...

And you say that I've got too much spare time on my hands!

Foolish Sage said...


Hi, I'm a friend of Pete Enns and Doug Green at WTS, manager of Westminster Bookstore, and an avid Facebooker. I'd love to "friend" you, but entering Michael Bird in the FB search yields over 430 results! Are you in a particular network?

Anonymous said...

Foolish sage:

Sorry about the confussion it was Joel Willitts not Michael Bird who posted about Face Book

Foolish Sage said...


Guess I should stop thinking of this as "Bird's Blog" ;-)