Friday, March 21, 2008

New Book on

My new book on Paul (A Bird's Eye-View) is now up on and is due to be published in less than a month in the UK (18 April 08). This book is designed as an introduction to Pauline theology for undergrad students and a refresher for Pastors. It gives a summary of Paul's letters, surveys the key elements of Paul's theology, provides some background material, includes some contemporary reflections, and with a bit of humour thrown in.

In terms of "Introductions to Paul" we are spoiled for choice given recent publications including:

Michael Gorman, Reading Paul
Paul Barnett, Paul: Missionary of Jesus
David Capes et. al., Rediscovering Paul


Ben said...

For someone who doesn't know Gorman's work very well, what is the main difference between Reading Paul and Paul: Apostle of the Crucified Lord?

Michael J. Gorman said...

More seriously--

Apostle has a short (100+ pages) intro to Paul and theology of Paul followed by a chapter (intro and commentary) on each of Paul's letters.

Reading Paul has a very short intro to Paul and his letters (30 pages?)and then deals with eight themes in Pauline theology, one per chapter.

Substantively, there is more emphasis on resurrection and on peace/nonviolence in Reading Paul.