Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Break 08!

This week begins our Spring Break and it could not come at a better time. The winter here in Chicago has felt unusually long with more snow events than I can recall in some time. So the Willitts family is boarding a plane this week and heading to the Sunshine state (Florida) to visit family and friends (That is the state from where I hail).
The trip is the first time we have taken the children on a plane so we are slightly apprehensive about the whole thing. Since Karla is a flight attendant we are perhaps more aware than others of just how annoying little children can be on a plane. We have taken necessary precautions and will have Benadryl close at hand if needed. However, if you have any tips about making a plane trip with small children bearable I would love to hear them.

The highlight of the trip for me no doubt will be spring training Yankee baseball games. I plan on taking Zion to his first game and although he won't remember it and the game will be during his nap time which will ensure an interesting experience, I want to take him to a game before his first birthday. We'll have the photos!
In addition to sun and baseball, I will be grading. I have an immense amount of grading (marking for those across the pond) as it is the middle of the semester and projects and exams for each of my classes have come due. I always think essay exams are a good idea until I have to grade 40 of them!

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hrobins said...

Haha--I have little sympathy for your grading predicament, but have fun in Florida! Peace