Saturday, March 01, 2008

Scot McKnight on the Robust Gospel

Over at CT, Scot McKnight has an excellent article on the The 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel which is well worth a read. In fact, I strenuously urge all of my students to read this article.

In particular I liked point # 2:

The robust gospel places transactions in the context of persons. When the gospel is reduced to a legal transaction shifting our guilt to Christ and Christ's righteousness to us, the gospel focuses too narrowly on a transaction and becomes too impersonal. We dare not deny transaction or what's called double imputation, but the gospel is more than the transactions of imputation. The robust gospel of the Bible is personal—it is about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. It is about you and me as persons encountering that personal, three-personed God.

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Matthew Morizio said...

Though there is something to be said for Scot’s concern with understanding the Gospel from Gen. 1 to Rev. 22, from where I currently stand there is reason to hesitate at swallowing his remarks whole.

There is a need to maintain a distinction between the Gospel-proper (Christ’s person and work) and the effects of the Gospel upon the individual and church. Certainly, a wedge can wrongly be driven between the two, yet so too an eraser be applied that blurs the essential distinction to the point that everything becomes the Gospel.

Scot is right in emphasizing the connection between Creation --> Fall --> New Creation (Redemption, and Consummation). Yet, I’m left to struggle with our “grand” vision on this side of Glory (“already”) being that of a “new society” rather than “an emblem of shame”…the Cross.

Nonetheless, I found Scot’s comments helpful in pondering again the fuller ramifications the Cross-work of Christ Jesus.