Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election in the USA

I confess that I've never liked American bibliobloggers blogging about (a) politics, (b) baseball and NFL (haven't they discovered rugby and cricket yet?), and (c) and policies like the war in Iraq, universal health care, and why taxes are mostly wrong. It all sounds so parochially American and way too partisan. But now in a measure of unprecedented hypocrisy I will formally unveil my predictions (not necessarily my preferences) for the US election. (See JT's predictions).

1. Obama will win most of the swing states including Virginia, Ohio, also North Carolina, probably Florida, Colorado, and maybe even New Mexico. In other words, if it ain't solidly "red" then it will probably be lost. As to why:

2. The media is so pro-Obama it's funny. Many of McCain's criticisms of Obama have been criticized as out of play by the media (personally I think Obama's association with dodgy persons is open season). They've been behind Obama since the primaries and pushed him over the top against Hillary Clinton.

3. Palin was a figure who appealed to the GOP base but did not win over the GOP moderates or independents. She simply does not have the experience at the international and national level to lead the country and everybody knows it. McCain is an old man and cancer survivor and so the prospect of him dying and Palin taking over is not an impossibility.

4. Everybody fears that McCain is more of Bush in terms of international relations and economic policy. He's in a catch-22 since he can't denounce Bush without upsetting his own constituency and he cannot buddy up to him without identifying with the most unpopular president in living memory.

5. The biggest problem that Obama has is that he's on the extreme left of the DP. Americans have never liked extremists but they are probably willing to take a chance on an extreme leftie than an extreme right-winger as an alternative to the present regime.

6. Sadly the only choice the yanks have is between war mongers and baby killers. God bless America, they need it!


Tim Ricchuiti said...

so, if obama is a "baby-killer" does that make mccain a "mommy-killer"?

M Slater said...

"the only choice the yanks have is between war mongers and baby killers"

As an American who is pro-life in the sense of all life (the unborn, the poor, the elderly, people in other nations etc), it is the dellemia posed by your above statment that makes this a very difficult election for me. I will feel guilty about whoever I cast my ballot for, and our third party canidates are not all that promising either.
I will just have to decided who I think will bring America in a better direction relative to the other options I guess.

Josh McManaway said...

I hate politics (and would've voted for Ron Paul if my country weren't filled with morons). I love rugby any day of the week over American football and think baseball is the laziest game ever.

Liz said...

Yay for rugby and real futbol!
I was ashamed to vote today, too.

matthew said...

Rugby and cricket... haven't you heard of AFL????