Saturday, November 08, 2008

Proposition 8

I don't want to get into debates about American politics, church/state separation, and gay marriage etc. Part of me thinks that Paul and the apostles would not care less about but Nero being married to two of his male slaves, so why should we? But there again it does affect the cultural context in which marriage is described and defined and so impacts all of us in a way. What is more, religious liberty could be eroded if religious and para-religious organisations were legally penalized for not recognizing gay marriages. So, despite my reticence to endorse any cultural view here, I did appreciate this short video by my friend Michael Barber and his colleagues at John Paul the Great Uni.


James Crossley said...

If the state is going to impose, what about liberty irrespective of sexuality????

'religious liberty could be eroded'. Could be, would be or will be?

Andrew Faris said...

Dr. Bird,

I have some sympathies with you in general and have written about it at Christians in Context ( You can find my "In Defense of Gay Marriage" in the sidebar under the list of most popular posts and my "In Defense of Gay Marriage: Reconsidered" posted yesterday (Fri. Nov. 7).

I'd be curious for your thoughts on either.

Chris Weimer said...

What a bunch of hypocrisy! Christians are out there imposing their religious views on others (banning gay marriage) but whign and complain when it happens to them? Where's the justice? If they were really concerned about religious organizations being sued, they would have realized that the Supreme Court would have stricken down any such lawsuits for violation of church and state, but instead they do the same thing they complain about - push their own religious views on the law.

The hypocrisy just makes me sick.