Friday, November 14, 2008

Latest TynBul

The latest issue of Tyndale Bulletin 59.2 (2008) includes:

Nicholas P. Lunn
The Last Words of Jacob and Joseph: A Rhetorico-Structural Analysis of Genesis 49:29-33 and 50:24-26

Kim Huat Tan
The Shema and Early Christianity

Brian S. Rosner
'Known by God': The Meaning and Value of a Neglected Biblical Concept

Barry N. Danylak
Tiberius Claudius Dinippus and the Food Shortages in Corinth

Armin D. Baum
Semantic Variation within the Corpus Paulinum: Linguistic Considerations Concerning the Riches Vocabulary of the Pastoral Epistles

William R. Baker
Searching for the Holy Spirit in the Epistle of James: Is 'Wisdom' Equivalent?

Daniel K. Darko
No Longer Living as Gentiles: Differentation and Shared Ethical Values in Ephesians 4:17-6:9

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