Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog: Go At A Walking Pace

There is a new blog around called Go at a Walking Place with three contributors including my former Ph.D student Jason Hood. Jason is a sharp guy living in Memphis and he is the chosen one to bring together the Methodists, Presbyterians, and Anglicans into formal and visible union. Do check out the blog.


AndrewCas said...

Lol sounds like the uniting church and well wasn't that a good move.

Gregg said...

why would these denominations want to be brought together? What in the world do they have in common?

Jason said...

Thanks for the blurb, Michael! As for the questions here in the comments, let's do multiple choice:

(1) a corporate buyout. The anglicans take $, reverse Westminster and the Welseyan revolution through cash.

(2) messianic assumption. I, Jason Hood, become the Messiah who works wonders and unites these denominations. I recently had a bank account wih the #s 666 in sequence; perhaps I should look into this then.

(3) idealistic, naive reading of Jesus' words about his people being one. You can't take that guy literally, can you?!?

(4) Mike's just charitable that way.

The answer of course is (4). I just work parttime for churches/networks from all three groups in the States. But if (3) starts to come true, I'll rejoice and sing while confessing that I had nothing to do with it (which will be true!).