Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Passing of E. Earle Ellis

This morning I was sadly informed by Jim Hamilton that Prof. E. Earle Ellis has passed away. Ellis was a wonderful Baptist scholar of the NT and a committed churchman. He was respected by colleagues in the UK and Germany for his various works in NT studies. His various articles and monographs on the NT use of the OT are still worth reading even decades after their initial publication. His book The Making of the New Testament Documents is a valuable resource about the formation of the New Testament and something that I turn to again and again for information. Ellis was also a key founder of the Institute for Biblical Research. The second festschift for Ellis edited by Sang-Won Son (History and Exegesis) includes a biographical sketch of Ellis written by Gerald F. Hawthorne which is available on Google Books. Sadly, I fear that we are now to be denied the publication of his 1 Corinthians commentary in the ICC series (though T&T Clark may yet be able to make something of what he had already done to date - we can only hope). May he enjoy his heavenly rest!

Update: SWBTS has a tribute to Ellis here.


Daniel said...

Dr. Ellis was also an excellent lecturer even in recent years as he grew older and had some physical setbacks. I took a class on 1 Corinthians with him 2 years ago and he had already made some good progress on his ICC volume then, hopefully T&T Clark will release as much as possible.

billy v said...

Really enjoyed his Christology seminar during my PhD days. Blasted my effort on the Kingdom of God and the Son of Man. Great learning experience.

PC said...

I had the privilege of taking two courses with Dr. Ellis. Both were amazing. No one understood the doctrine of the “corporate Christ” as well him. He was fundamental in the shaping of my Christology in this respect.

I even had the extreme privilege being a part of a group that toured both the British Library and the British Museum with Dr. Ellis as our guide.

My understanding is that Dr. Ellis completed about 15 chapters of 1 Corinthians. That’s more than enough to warrant publication.

And, of course, Dr. Ellis was an annihilationist and did not believe in a “heavenly” intermediate state (another of his great theological qualities).

If I may, a more fitting salute would be: May he rest in Christ. And he most certainly is.

Douglas N said...

Having previously read some of his work, I had the privilege of hearing him speak to would be preachers in an Anglican church one Saturday morning. He spoke clearly about the great need to preach the text and to explain the very good news of Jesus Christ.

One who faithfully and consistently served the Lord in the academy and in the Church. Lord, make me as faithful.

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