Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bruce Waltke Issue on ABC News

ABC News reports on the Bruce Waltke Issue.


Jeremy said...

I don't know exactly where I fit in the creation/evolution debate, but I think I line up theologically with the framework interpretation so what follows in not an attack on Ham just becaue I don't like his position.

Ken Ham I love you man but you are way off. I really don't think that Waltke's position will lead to any theological foundations being torn down. Waltke clearly states that he believes in the inerrancy/infallibility of the Bible and his position can account for it. The more serious theological issue is the one that Waltke and Enns have been debating.

Side issue: does Ken Ham know Hebrew? He doesn't seem to and for a person to be as forceful as he is with regard to his position, he better darn well know Hebrew,

Chris Donato said...

In general, Jeremy, you'll find that the reactionary response to Hebraists like Waltke is one of contempt, never once offering him the benefit of the doubt. Sad, really.