Wednesday, April 21, 2010

D.A. Carson on the "Trial of Biblical Studies"

Thanks to Andy Naselli, available on-line is D.A. Carson's popular level essay, "The Trials of Biblical Studies" where he warns of several potential pitfalls in doing biblical studies: Integration, Work, Pride, Manipulation of Scripture, and Priorities. The section on pride is definitely worth the read. The biggest temptation for seminary students and biblical scholars is to take pride in their career of advanced learning as setting them apart from others. I try to offset this temptation with my daily citation of 2 Cor 4.5 and Rom. 12.3, though others will determine if that rote citation is effective in my own case. Carson's essay finishes with a call for humility in the study of the Bible. All those engrossed in biblical studies should read this short essay!


CS Sweatman said...

In some ways, Carson's advice sounded similar to Helmut Thielicke's little work, A Little Exercise for Young Theologians. Either way, it was certainly useful insight--most of which I needed to see again.

Dunc and Als said...

I liked Carson's self-humbling comment I heard him give in a talk, "I am just a stomach for Christ's body the church. I take in food and then disseminate that food to the rest of the body." It was both an accurate description for much of what he does but it certainly didn't put him up on a pillar.