Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Latest EQ

The two latest issues of Evangelical Quarterly 82.1-2 (2010) include the following articles:

Allan M. Harman
The Impact of Matthew Henry's Exposition on Eighteenth-Century Christianity

M. Habets
Walking in mirabilibus supra me: How C.S. Lewis transposes theosis

Paul Sands
The Imago Dei as Vocation

Benno van den Toren
Challenges and Possibilities of Inter-Religious and Cross-Cultural Apologetic Persuasion

Gregory R. Goswell
Keeping God out of the Book of Esther

Gary L. Schulz
Why a Genuine Universal Gospel Call Requires an Atonement that Paid for the Sins of All People

Carsten Timothy Lotz
A Critical Evaluation of Youngmo Cho: Spirit in the Writings of Luke and Paul: An Attempt to Reconcile These Concepts

Derek Flood
Substitutionary Atonement and the Church Fathers: A reply to the authors of Pierced for Our Transgression.

- Good to see two Aussies getting a guernsey.
- Glad Yongmo Cho's work is getting attention, albeit critically
- Gary Schulz's article will cheese off most Calvinists


Jason Sexton said...

Got a Kiwi putting it down as well, Mike!

Terrance Tiessen said...

I haven’t had a chance to read Schulz’s article but his title leaves me more puzzled than “cheesed off.” Unless he is a universalist, I assume that he doesn’t actually believe that Jesus paid for everyone’s sins only that he made a deposit sufficient to pay for everyone’s sins, if people appropriate it. In other words, what Jesus did doesn’t actually save any one, but it makes them all savable. Is that approximately what he argues or how does he construe a situation in which a universal payment doesn’t actually remove everyone’s debt?


Dubai said...

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