Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reading Odes of Solomon

Here is a photo of me reading Michael Lattke's erudite work The Odes of Solomon in the Hermeneia series at Michael Lattke's apartment. Great book, excellent depth of learning, many helpful excursuses.


Gary Ware said...

I appreciated Michael Lattke's patience with a very dull student of New Testament Greek between 1990-92. My mother-in-law was far more accomplished than me.
Other memories include his translation of a 'Felix the Cat' t-shirt I was in the habit of wearing at the time; my awe over the personal library he had in his office; his observation that engineering students made good fundamentalists because they liked everything to add up; and his bemusement about those same engineering undergraduates who would take his NT Greek 101 classes and attempt to straighten out his understanding of the New Testament.
Thanks for prompting the memories.

Matthew D. Montonini said...

You look thin mate! I take it the diet is going well!