Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gospels that remind me of Movies

Certain Gospels remind me of certain movies:

1. The Gospel of Mark - The Bourne Identity. I think Phil Harland is right. The whole plot of Mark's Gospel is dominated by "so who is this guy?"

2. The Gospel of Matthew - Schindler's List. One guy stands up to the bad guys on behalf of the Jewish people.

3. The Gospel of Luke/Acts - Ben Hur. Both are set in the Greco-Roman world and Palestine and touch upon Christian themes. BH won a mammoth 12 Oscars that has never been matched and Luke-Acts is certainly an epic of similar proportions.

4. The Gospel of John - ET. Think about, a stranger comes from out of space, visits earth, and brings a family together. I sobbed my eyes out as a kid when I saw this.


Matt Lemieux said...

Ben Hur won 11 Oscars and is tied with Titanic and Return of the King (the third LOTR film) for total number of Oscars won by a single film. ;-)

Doug said...

I have some alternative suggestions

CJW said...

Nice, Mike. The Bourne Identity for Mark is very clever. And while I'd keep Schindler's List for Matthew over Dead Poet's Society, could I suggest Superman returns over ET for John...