Friday, February 08, 2008

An M.Th in New Testament

In Australia and the UK we lack the fascination of doing Master's Degrees. In fact, I think Oxford hands them out automatically after completing a B.A. Honours (I may need correction on that). I never did an M.Div or an M.Th. I did a B.Min (Theol), Hons. in Religious studies, and then a Ph.D. But I wonder what would the ultimate M.Th in NT would look like. I think the following subjects would look like a good cohort to choose from:

1. Textual Criticism
2. Christians and Jews in the Greco-Roman World
3. The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament
4. The Historical Jesus
5. Studies in Johannine Literature
6 Current Issues in Pauline Studies
7. Exegesis of Luke-Acts
8. Exegesis of Hebrews
9. New Testament Theology
10. The New Testament in the Second and Third Centuries
11. The New Testament and Pastoral Ministry
12. History of the Interpretation of the New Testament
13. Dissertation


hrobins said...

Lucky you. Even if I add Honors to my Bachelor of Music degree, I still have to get master's--but then my diploma says "honors" and I get to wear pretty pink cords at commencement...why pink for music I have no idea.

Josh McManaway said...

This program seems pretty ideal.

hrobins said...

Haha-umm, that should read "get a/my master's"

Anonymous said...

When I did my Th.M. in New Testament at Southwestern seminary. I took a long year course seminar focussing on the Gospels. The first seminar covered the Synoptics, the second John and Luke. Then I took another seminar on the Historical Jesus, one in Christology. In addition, I took several theology courses (with Dr. Earle Ellis):Pauline Theology, The theology of the Gospels, and a Greek exegesis course on Romans. The Th.M. here is a post-M.Div. degree here. I also took a writing research course. That particular course was very helpful in assisting students the process of writing a thesis/dissertation. I had the option to write a thesis as well. The thesis option is strongly encouraged, especially if you want to do PhD studies.


Anonymous said...

I meant to write, the second seminar covered John and Acts.

Michael F. Bird said...

If I had to add anything else it would be "NT and Mission" and "Preaching the Parables".

Sean said...

Hey Mike, does HTC offer a Master's in NT?