Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Acceptance into the Anglican Church

As much as I have loved being a Baptist and teaching New Testament, I have often thought about walking the Canterbury trail. Well, the other day I decided to take the plunge and join the Anglican Church. The first problem was what diocese to join? Nairobi - too violent! Washington - too many law suits! Nashville - too much country music! Manchester - too close to Doug Chaplin! Melbourne - too much AFL! Durham - too many Neutestamantlers! I finally settled on the Anglican diocese of Niagara, it has a nice waterfall and I really dig Tim Horton's donuts. My initial interview with the diocesan membership committee went well, very well, it went so well in fact that they offered me the job as bishop of the diocese. I was naturally flattered, a little curious, and after 3-8 seconds of prayerful thought, I accepted the job. (I then phoned my wife to tell her that we were not only converting to Anglican but were also moving to Canada). Well any how, the consecration was an absolute hoot, I do not know what kind of stuff they put into incense, but it made me dizzy. When it came time for the laying on of hands the Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham put his hands in a place that I did not think needed his blessing (but that's another story). Otherwise, photos of the consecration are available on the diocesan website Episcopal Ordination of Michael A. Bird and I have also written my first letter as bishop. I want to make several comments: (1) Dang, I look good in purple and the pointy hat make me look taller! (2) Why are so many of the priests in my diocese asking me if I'm seeing anyone? and (3) My first decree as bishop is that from now we will have Tim Horton's donuts and soup at communion.

So let it be written, so let it be done!
The Rt. Rev. Mike Bird


T. Michael W. Halcomb said...


Nick Norelli said...

I know Michael Bird, and you sir, are no Michael Bird. :^P

Doug said...

As far as I'm concerned, Manchester's so far North it might as well be in Scotland.
Was dyeing your hair a requirement of consecration, or did you just think it wouldn't go well with purple?

Stephen said...

you do know that as well as concrating gay bishops they also baptize infants don't you!
I am glad you are not really going over to the dark side!

Skjou said...

You look so peaceful, Mike. Congratulations!

(Ok, i confess. Before i looked at the pictures i was falling head long for your story [excluding the Rev. laying his hands on you] and I was a little greatful that you are moving to canada, which is slightly closer to me).