Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recent issues of EQ, SJT, and CBR

The latest issue of EQ 80.1 (2008) includes:

R. Alastair Campbell
"Triumph and Delay: the Interpretation of Revelation 19:11-20:10"

David H. McIlroy
"Towards a Relational and Trinitarian Theology of Atonement"

Rob Warner
"The Evangelical Matrix: Mapping Diversity and postulating Trajectories in Evangelicals' Theology and Social Policy"

Gordon Leah
"'A Person Can Change': Grace, Forgiveness, and Sonship in Marilynne Robinson's Novel Gilead"

The latest issue of SJT 61.1 (2008) includes:

Benjamin Myers
"The Stratification of Knowledge in the Thought of T.F. Torrance"

Danile J. Treier
"Biblical Theology and/or Theological Interpretation of Scripture?"

Jess Couenhoven
"'Not Every Wrong is Done with Pride'"

David Martin
"Does the Advance of Science Mean Secularisation?"

Barry Harvey
"Preserving the World for Christ"

Jeffrey Hensley
"Article Review: Trinity and Freedom"

Pul D. Molan
"What Does it Mean to Say that Jesus Christ is Indispensable to a Properly Conceived Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity?"

The latest issue of CBR 6.2 (2008) includes:

James C. Miller
"Ethnicity and the Hebrew Bible: Problems and Prospects"

Stnaley E. Porter and Andrew W. Pitts
"New Testament Greek Language and Linguistics in Recent Research"

David A. deSilva
"What Has Athens to Do with Patmos? Rhetorical Criticism of the Revelation of John (1980-2005)"

Susan Marks
"Women in Early Jduaism: Twenty-Five Years of Reserach and Reenvisioning".

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