Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Gospel to Romans and RBL

I gave up listing all the latest RBL reviews long ago, but I have included my own review of Brian Incigneri The Gospel to the Romans. This review is a foretaste on my current research project about the illusive quest for the “Marcan Community”.

In the RBL email I received there was an error as I did not write a review of Garrow, Alan J. P. The Gospel of Matthew's Dependence on the Didache.

Note: I have also added several new resources to the sidebar including “Find Articles” and “Bible Centre” which have some good resources.


Peter M. Head said...

The quest could be 'elusive' and the 'community' could be 'illusive'; but it is hard to see how the quest for the community could be 'illusive'.

Michael F. Bird said...

How about: "The Marcan Community, Myth or Maze: Bauckham's Gospel for All Christians and Recent Marcan Studies"

eddie said...
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eddie said...

What ever happened to the one line title?