Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Highlights of SBL

What were the highlights of SBL for me?

(1) Most of all it was meeting people who have been central in my work in the last three years: Bob Webb and Scot McKnight. Bob's advice was crucial to me in the final stages of my thesis and he also helped me get over the line with a few journal articles I did for JSHJ. Scot was very generous and encouraging to me along the way and was instrumental in getting me over the examination line. Joel Willitts was also good to seen in the flesh.

(2) Meeting all the bloggers was great too: Stephen Carlson, Mark Goodacre, Joe Cathy, Jim "Zwingli rocks" West, Brandon Wason, Alan Bandy, James Crossley, Michael Pahl, et al.

(3) The book stalls: I thought ETS was great and then I saw the awesome stalls at SBL. It was the El Dorado of biblical studies books. I remember walking in and thinking: "Wow, the legends are true!" And the extra discounts at T&T Clark on the last day. Here is the list of the books I bought:

Howard Clark Kee, The Beginnings of Christianity

D.A. Carson, et. al. Justification and Variegated Nomism vol. 2.

James Crossley, The Date of Mark's Gospel

Richard A. Horsley, ed. Christians Origins

E.P. Sanders, Jesus and Judaism

Charles Talbert, Romans

Bart Ehrman, Lost Christianity's

Peter Enns, Incarnation and Inspiration

Markus Bockmuehl, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Jesus

D.A. Campbell, The Quest for Paul's Gospel

Markus Bockmuehl, ed. The Written Gospel

Markus Bockmuehl, This Jesus

Alexander Wedderburn, A History of hte First Christians

Martin Hengel, Four Gospels, One Jesus

George Nickelsburg, Ancient Judaism and Christians Origins

(4) Meeting many Australian scholars who are part of the Aussie biblical studies Diaspora like Doug Green, Bruce Winter, and Rikki Watts.

(5) The session on the Authority of the Bible with Crossan, Martin, Wright and Ehrman. One of the first books I'm gonna read in the near future is Bruce Metzger's gem on textual criticism and the recent summary of research by Eckhard Schnabel. I need to get more serious about staying up to date on TC matters.


Jim said...

Thanks Michael. Any sentence in which my name occurs in proximity to Zwingli's is the highest of all compliments. ;-) I hope your wife hasn't beaten you to within an inch of your life by the way.... ;-)

Ben Myers said...

What a list of books! It looks as though it would be worth travelling to SBL just for a shopping spree. Understandably, my wife is very relieved that I didn't go....

Lukas McKnight said...

I remember my first SBL to this day -- in Dallas. 1984. The year ETS kicked out Bob Gundry, and the year I left ETS for it. Perhaps my most memorable moment was finding myself standing next to RE Brown and JA Fitzmyer and not knowing what to say. So, I just nodded a good Texas hello.

Those book stalls ...

ScotMcKnight said...

I'm at my son's, and that last comment was from me -- Scot McKnight -- I'll figure out how to use my own name here.

And I won't tell you how many books I bought or how much I spent.

James Crossley said...

They must pay you well at Highland!

Alan S. Bandy said...
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Alan S. Bandy said...

It was great chatting with you between sessions and usually somewhere near the book stalls. I hope to see you next year at both meetings. In your defense, you practiced restraint and judicious concern in your book selection. Good on you, mate!