Monday, November 07, 2005

Library Update

My library has finally arrived. Ooh how I missed my books - my IVP black dictionaries, my silver NSBT, my primary source stuff (DSS, Jos., Philo etc) and who can forget such items as WBC and NICNT commentaries. And of course my favourite part of the collection: COQG. Then there's BDAG (the only book I have that is listed on my insurance policy). Oh yes, my massive collection of photocopied journal articles. No more long trips to the library several times a day to check articles and reference alas - the Bird Cage is now fully operation.

Some other things arrived too: my wife's clothes, my daughters' toys and their insulin.


robby said...

So long as we're keeping our priorites in order...

1) Books and journal articles
2) clothing for loved ones
3) insulin

sounds familiar!

See you at ETS/SBL I hope,

Alan S. Bandy said...

Life is good again. Sadly, my books are the only thing I could list as my financial assets.

Sean du Toit said...

Amen to that ALAN!

Brandon Wason said...

Yes, I'm in the same boat as Alan and Sean (and Erasmus). So, Michael, now that you've got your books are you going to list them in LibraryThing like the other cool bloggers?

Michael F. Bird said...

No Brandon, you guys take listing library far too seriously. I have a Word.doc with all my books listed, and that's it.

David E. Graves said...

How have we become so attached to our books!! I've run out of places to put them all. And I'm looking for more at the book tables at SBL!! No one tell my wife. Who shall deliver me?

Hope to meet up with a few of you at ETS/SBL.