Thursday, April 13, 2006

Evangelical Exegetes Hall of Fame I: Longenecker

In beginning my posts on Evangelical Exegetes Hall of Fame I need to make a few qualifications. (1) It is not meant to be a form of "hero-worship" or akin to an "exegetical idol" show. (2) The purpose is to highlight the contribution of many evangelical scholars to biblical studies and so demonstrate that faith-based scholars can make a difference.

My first pick is Richard N. Longenecker.

Richard N. Longenecker, Distinguished Professor of New Testament
B.A., M.A. Wheaton College; Ph.D. New College, University of Edinburgh;
D.D., Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

Books by or edited by him include:

- Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period
- Paul, apostle of liberty (Twin brooks series)
- The Christology of Early Jewish Christianity
- The ministry and message of Paul (Contemporary evangelical perspectives)
- New Wine into Fresh Wineskins: Contextualizing the Early Christian Confessions
- Galatians (WBC)
- Acts (EBC)

- with M. Tenney, New Dimensions in New Testament Study
- The Challenge of Jesus' Parables (McMaster New Testament Series)
- Into God's Presence: Prayer in the New Testament (McMaster New Testament Series)
- Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament (Mcmaster New Testament Studies)
- Road from Damascus: The Impact of Paul's Conversion on His Life, Thought, and Ministry
- Contours Of Christology In The New Testament (Mcmaster New Testament Studies)
- Community Formation: In the Early Church and in the Church Today

Longenecker was also a translator for the NIV.

We can wait eagerly for his NIGTC commentary on Romans. My favourite book of his is his Galatians commentary which is my first port of call for looking up anything on Galatians.


thunderbeard said...

I love Longenecker and all (I really do), but Bird, you need to check out the cover I did for your upcoming volume on Paul and tell me what you think.

Michael F. Bird said...

Excellent! If only I could convince Paternoster to accept it.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

I have linked to your post here. He was always such an excellent speaker at our Inter Varsity group - humourous and open.

thunderbeard said...

Try it. you never know what they'll say. I know that their Biblical Monograph Series usually has one of two covers normally, but anything could happen.