Monday, April 10, 2006

Robert Wuthnow on Evangelicals

Over at RNS there is this quote from Robert Wuthnow on Evangelicals:

Quote of the Day: Princeton University Professor Robert Wuthnow

(RNS) “Academics often think of conservative Christians as rubes and dupes. The reality is that the real movers and shakers behind the evangelical movement are highly educated, thoughtful people with entrepreneurial skills, wealth and extraordinary management savvy.”

-- Robert Wuthnow, professor of social sciences at Princeton University, commenting on a comprehensive study by D. Michael Lindsay, a sociology department doctoral student he is advising. Lindsay's study of the evangelical elite will be completed this summer. He was quoted in the Princeton Weekly Bulletin.


David Shedden said...
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David Shedden said...

Hi Michael, thanks for this post, and your blog. It's a great resource. Do you know any similar blogs by evangelical Old Testament scholars, or systematic theologians? It seems to me that evangelicals are really good at history and NT studies, but not so hot on dogmatics and OT.

Speaking of which, do you think the quote in your post suggests that Mark Noll's Scandal of the Evangelical Mind thesis needs to be revisited? Or have a new generation finally shaken off the fundamentalist hangover?

Michael F. Bird said...

Glad to meet another Glaswegian. My work place is full of them.

I hope evangelicals are finally shedding the Fundy baggage, but the shedding is happening faster in some circles than others.

On OT and ST blogs, check out my sidebar. Ben Myers at Faith and Theology is a nexus into a whole heap of ST blogs of a variety of theological vantage points.