Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jumping on the Da Vinci band wagon

Yes, it's true. I'm jumping on the Da Vinci code band wagon. Given that the Da Vinci movie is coming out in less than a month I thought that I would do a lecture in Inverness on the subject so as to explain what the issues are and how Christians should be respond. What are these "other" Gospels? Who was Mary Magdalene? Did Constantine invent the Bible and the Divinity of Christ?

But I am definitely not going to write a book on the topic: Bart Ehrman, Ben Witherington, Darrell Bock and Peter Jones (and a host of others) have said all that needs to be said.


Justin Jenkins said...

You wouldn't be planning on recording you lecture would you?

graham old said...

Ditto the question above. Will you be posting your manuscript?

Sean du Toit said...

Or else, could you just email it to me? I'm lecturing on it in two weeks, and maybe I can steal, I mean borrow, an insight or two. But you're right, once you've read Bock or Witherington, it's all pretty much been said. Or has it?