Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Latest issue of JTS

See below for the list of contents from the latest issue of JTS.

James Barr
Is God a Liar? (Genesis 2–3)—and Related Matters

Jane Heath
Ezekiel Tragicus and Hellenistic Visuality: The Phoenix at Elim

Guy Williams
An Apocalyptic and Magical Interpretation of Paul's ‘Beast Fight’ in Ephesus (1 Corinthians 15:32)

John C. Poirier
Symbols of Wisdom in James 1:17

Joseph G. Mueller
Post-Baptismal Chrismation in Second-Century Syria: A Reconsideration of the Evidence

Theodore de Bruyn
P. RYL. III.471: A Baptismal Anointing Formula Used as an Amulet

Paul L. Gavrilyuk
Universal Salvation in the Eschatology of Sergius Bulgakov

Michael C. Rea
Polytheism and Christian Belief

Johan Leemans
‘At that Time the Group Around Maximian was Enjoying Imperial Power’: an Interpolation in Gregory of Nyssa's Homily in Praise of Theodore

Bruce A. Lowe
Oh DIA! How is Romans 4:25 to be Understood?

[Bruce Lowe is a good friend of a mine. He has a Ph.D in Chemistry, he's an ordained Pressy ministry, and is doing his Ph.D in NT at Macquarie Uni under Chris Forbes and Bruce Winter. It's a good article and I think the title is very witty! I wonder who gave him the idea? Romans 4.25 is a trickly little verse and I think Bruce handles it well].

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