Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Blogs V

I thought I would mention the following blogs that I've come across and learned of in recent times:

The first is by my friend Cameron West (Brisbane, Australia) with his self-entitled blog Cam. Came is an emergent-esque Aussie who has an interest in biblical studies and is a fan of Grenz, Wright, and Vanhoozer.

The second is by Daniel Bradley (USA) who is doing an MA in Theological Studies and looks like he is getting ready for doctoral studies some time soon. The name of his blog is Kerygma. I hope from the name that doesn't mean that he's Bultmannian - that'd be a real shame!

Otherwise, in blogging news in look's like a heap of young bloggers are thinking about heading off to the American South-East to do Ph.D's, including Brandon Wason (Emory Uni, Atlanta), Cynthia Nielsen (Uni of Dallas), and Celucien Joseph (Emory, or SBTS, SEBTS). I could handle having some friends in Atlanta, I got a taste of the chicken they have there and I often sit awake at night pining for it.

Mmmmm ... chikin!


Cynthia Nielsen said...

Hi Michael,

If you are ever in Dallas, Texas, please look us up and we'll do coffee.


Sorry, we don't do "fried chicken" :)

Anonymous said...


Good news so far! Dr. Kostenberger would be interested in working with me and has graciously agreed to serve as my "first major professor". I am honored that he would like to do so. My research will focus on the Gospel of John.

I just wanted to give you an update on the process.

danielbradley said...


Thanks for the post. More to come on Kerygma soon! I look forward to the dialogue.


P.S. Beware the chikin':)

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

I used to have an uncle of sorts who raised chickens in Stoneville, NC. Don't recall every having chicken at his place but that was over fifty years ago. I do remember tobasco sauce. I think they ate it on nearly everything.

I prefer chicken roasted, breasts stuffed with cranberry dressing or marinated in wine and garlic sauce.

When scholars come here for dinner they get Salmon even if they don't like it. I tried serving mesquite pork tenderloin to a scholar once. The rest of the story is funny by I dare not tell it since the internet is a public place ;-)

Brandon Wason said...

Let's have lunch again at SBL, Michael. That way you can tell me about the good places to find fried chicken in Atlanta.

CJW said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the post. More to come from the intersection of theology and popular culture. Thanks for inspiring me to blog.