Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2006 annual F.F. Bruce Lecture

This years annual F.F. Bruce Lecture is to be delivered by Dr. Andrew Clark of Aberdeen University. His topic is “The Parameters of Pastoral Persuasion: a Pauline Perspective”.

The lecture is free to the public and will be delivered on Wednesday 3rd of December at 3:00pm in Castle Street Church of Scotland, Dingwall

If you are nearby or in the neighbourhood, please do come along, as Andrew is a foremost expert on leadership and ministry as it is exhibited in the Pauline letters.

Dr Clarke is Head of the Department of Divinity with Religious Studies in Aberdeen University. Before moving to Aberdeen he was the Research Librarian at Tyndale House Biblical Studies Research Library in Cambridge. He is also currently the Chairman of the Tyndale House Council.


Josiah K. Walters said...

Will there be somewhere online that it can be read?

Michael F. Bird said...

Josiah, not to my knowledge. But you could always email Andrew and he might forward you a copy when he has finished preparing it.

J. B. Hood said...

You can obtain a copy of the audio from HTC for one pound fifty and shipping; I don't know for sure but check the HTC website for Fiona Cameron's address, she will probably know details.

Also, a fair number of other lectures (including an excellent one by I H Marshall) are available online in various downloadable formats: and scroll down a bit.

Anonymous said...


Could you please clarify: 'Wednesday 3rd of December'?
Is Dingwall so far north that you use a different calendar?

Michael F. Bird said...

Hendeeki, I should not post stuff on the net while I'm still jet-lagged. It is on Wednesday which will be the sixth of December.